It's a process.

A neurology medical consultation is a process where a neurologist provides information about a patient to a non-neurologist. A neurology medical consultation is also known as neuro consult. A neuro consult is commonly requested by a medical provider who does not have the knowledge about the nervous system to best provide all aspects of care for their patient with a neurological problem.

The methodology involved in the current neuro consult process will often consist of a brief, one-time consultation encounter in which knowledge and information is transferred from one doctor (a neurologist) to another doctor or medical provider requesting expertise to help them better interpret and understand the neurological status of a patient of they are treating.

The knowledge gained by the physician or provider who has requested and received the neuro consult helps to better inform medical opinions, clinical decision-making, guide and direct health care processes for doctors who face the challenge of stabilizing and fixing problems of patient populations with complex and chronic neurological issues.

Neuro E-Consult® is: a different kind of neuro consultation. It is a new method of consultation and a better way to care for patients with neurological problems.

Neurology problems uniquely impact large numbers of individuals and groups of people. This impact may not be fully grasped by health care providers and health institutions, let alone patients.

The specific processes involved in the most cost-effective consultation should at minimum have a positive impact on how patients receive and utilize the health care information when they are challenged with a neurological dilemma.

Neuro E-Consult® targets many of the main problems with neuro consults, including: poor communication about neurological care, inadequate navigation surrounding neurological care and neurological health risk management.

Neuro E-Consult® can be deployed to support any process in which there is a neurological problem to understand, treat or manage.