Neurology Consult Constraints

Neurology Consult Constraints

What are some limitations of routine neurology consultations?

Currently, a growing number of health care systems face limited neuroscience and neurology resources. This presents a real dilemma for health care providers and health systems. Health providers are often unclear about how to meet this rising demand for neurologic care for their customers.

Unfortunately, due to typical constraints on neurological care provision, patients with nervous system problems can get the short end of the stick.

The limitations of traditional, tele-neurology and neurology hospital consultations can impact patient care are as follows:

  • An individual might get a neurological diagnosis but he or she is unsure of what that diagnosis really means.
  • The neurological health information provided within the traditional, tele-neurology or neurology hospital consult is limited in it’s scope. For example:
    • An individual may not fully understand the risk that their neurological diagnosis poses to their overall health.
    • An individual may not know what resources are available to address the neurological function problems related to their diagnosis.
    • An individual may not know how best to avoid current and future disability associated with their neurological diagnosis.