Our Methods

Our Methods

Explanatory Communication

Neuro E-Consult® puts the human nervous system into clear perspective for patients and health care providers. Our consultation method can be inserted seamlessly at any point in the neurological care process. Explanatory, patient-centered communication about nervous system health is at the core of our neurological care model.

Our method is based on a communication style that:

-Helps build trust between the patient with a neurological problem and their care team

-Promotes patient comfort and decreased the “fear of the unknown”

-Decreases misinformation surrounding neurological care and the expected outcomes of that care

-Helps to limit neurological care mistakes for both providers and patients.

Effective Risk Assessment

The Neuro E-Consult® method addresses neurological risk. It starts with an initial risk assessment for any patient with a neurological complaint at any stage of their health care process.

It continues with brief structured consults sessions deployed in-person and or via telemedicine. Sessions can be held for individuals or groups of people with similar neurological conditions and needs.

Easy Navigation

Our Neural Network NavigatoRx®, a subsidiary of Neuro E-Consult®, provides accessible navigation tools and pathways to support the care process of people suffering from neurological problems.

Our navigation modules neurological comprise a specialized from of consultation that is unique to the Neuro E-Health®.