The Main Target

The Main Target

Neuro Communication Failures

The impact of poor communication, particularly about a brain and nervous system health status can be profound and detrimental to patient and their families.  

Furthermore, a neurology consult is not complete if there is not clear, structured communication. If there is a lack of structured, patient-centered communication, people can experience fear, confusion and distress, which in turn impacts optimum health and health care.

Neuro Navigation Problems

The limitations of existing neurology consultations can cause a dilemma for patients, even when a neurologist is involved in their care team.

The guidance that a neurologist offers through traditional in-person and tele-neurology consultations, for example, actually provides the most benefit to the referring physician. Therefore, the patient may not get the direct benefit of the health care encounter when they are challenged with a nervous system problem or problems.

Neuro Risk Mis-management

There are substantial health and life risks to people who suffer from nervous system problems.

Ideally, a consulting neurologists should establish a clear and sustainable plan for risk reduction for their neurology patients.  However, neurology patients often do not fully understand risk as related to the neurology problem at hand. Furthermore, due to time and administrative constraints faced by neurology providers, this risk-related information often gets lost in translation.

Most concerning is that there are clear and present dangers for risk-prone individuals who leave their medical encounter with an incomplete or inadequate understanding of what they need to do to avoid neurological disability and illness.